Welcome! This website is a tribute to the online goth spaces of yore, as well as a place to share my art, zines and writing on queerness and monstrosity, anticapitalist DIY, gothic horror and campy spookiness, all with an anarchist bent (or a bent anarchism?)

You've wandered into my Parlour! Please do continue exploring my dreary ch√Ęteau:

  • In the Gallery you'll find illustrations based on early modern woodblock prints
  • The Library houses my lovingly handmade zines (purchase option coming someday)
  • In the Kitchen you can browse links to my favourite spots on the internet
  • The Salon is where I post articles, reviews and DIYs
  • You'll find my contact information at the point of Egress

That's all for this page! You should probably move on before you get embroiled in whatever's happening on this divan.