Links and resources

  • The Insidious BogleechTHE web site. I've spent hours reading the halloween decor reviews, weird biology articles and endless creepypasta archive.
  • 1-Page ZineA helpful article on how to make 1-page zines. I've never been able to figure out what the rest of the website is about tbh.
  • Glue2 ChroniclePrintable paper sculptures of Hieronymus Bosch creatures!
  • The Alchemy WebsiteA vast oldweb resource for primary and secondary sources on historical alchemy.
  • Marginalia searchHave a query? Consult the Olde Webbe.
  • Queer Music HeritageAn enormous archive of queer music and related history (USA-centric).
  • Alf's Tape DeckMy most excellent wife's radical and tubular website.
  • Electric Zine MakerA free program for making zines that looks like it slipped through from a universe parallel yet superior to our own.